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Our Impact

The Mecklenburg GAL Foundation believes that children in foster care deserve to have positive, fulfilling experiences, and these experiences are an investment in their future. When a child is taken from their home, their life is thrown into upheaval and unpredictability. They might move between relatives' houses, undergo numerous foster placements, change schools often, interact with different case managers, and work with several attorneys throughout the proceedings. This continual disruption causes considerable stress and instability for the child. In this tumultuous period, it is vital to prioritize establishing a sense of normalcy to reduce anxiety and bolster their self-assurance. Our Beyond the Classroom Program intervenes to fill these voids, ensuring that the children we advocate for can experience the safe, healthy, and joyful childhood they rightfully deserve.

Beyond the Classroom and GAL Support

Our Beyond the Classroom Program provides enrichment grants within Mecklenburg County that provide unique, educational and positive experiences. Some examples of our Beyond the Classroom grants include birthday parties, drivers education courses, swim lessons, prom suits/dresses, sports fees and equipment, beach trips, music lessons, and more. We empower youth to see the world outside of their classrooms and neighborhoods, grow hope for their future, and give them confidence to achieve their goals.

About Us

The Mecklenburg Guardian ad Litem Advocacy Foundation (MGALF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and advocating the Guardian ad Litem program in Mecklenburg County, NC.

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The Guardian ad Litem Support Program is a crucial initiative dedicated to safeguarding vulnerable children by recruiting, training, and supporting Volunteer Advocates. These advocates serve as the child's representatives in various settings, including court and the child welfare system, advocating for their needs and ensuring their well-being. The program's goal is to secure a permanent solution for each child, whether through reunification, guardianship, or adoption. While the journey to permanency varies in length, the program's unwavering dedication ensures that every child receives the care and guidance they deserve.

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